Olá a todos…

Para dar inicio ao meu blog que até então eu rejeitava, mas resolvi aderir a esse mania mundial que se tornou uma tendência.

Com o intuído de ajudar e divulgar novas tecnologias irei sempre descrever um pouco sobre o banco de dados que mais cresce em funcionalidade, facilidade, agilidade e que ganhou mercado mundial rapidamente, o SQL Server.

Um abraço a todos.

Tiago Balabuch

This is Tiago Balabuch's website, and this is a bit of copy about him. He is enthusiast, fascinated, passionate, fanatic by SQL Server and in the off-hours a Data Engineer who loves what he does and he is traveling in the cloud and surfing on the wave of the moment called Azure! Originally from Brazil and with encouragement from family and friends, Tiago moved to Europe in 2017 where lives in Ireland. In addition to being a data engineer, he is also active speaker in the SQL PASS events and keeps up to date on the key technologies and technical certifications. Tiago hold these certification MCT, MCSE - Data Management and Analystics, MCSA - SQL Server 2016/2014/2012. Simply psychedelic and manic he is just one more freak who likes SQL Server and its new features ...